The BTV Beat Machine – The Best Beat Making Software

Best Beat Making SoftwareMusic has been part of everyone’s lives and generation since the beginning. It has changed the way we entertain each other, and provides a unique way of communicating our feelings through creative notes, sounds and beats.

As a matter of fact, since music has become so popular it has made several song writers, producers and directors very rich. The person actually singing the song has gone on to live a very comfortable life making millions of dollars worldwide!

The true benefit of music was that it took several people all with special skills to produce a sing or even write a song, however the problem now in this day and age is that many of the people involved in song producing and directing are having their jobs replaced by technology like hip hop beat machine software.

Beat makers are pieces of advanced equipment that produce the beats and songs that otherwise would have been produced by humans who are professionals at playing the instrument.

For example, many of these machines now comes equipment with so many sample sounds that can be added to a machine and combined to other types of tones to produce the desired pitch or level.

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Instead of hiring a professional to play a beat or track for long hours costing them several hundreds to a thousand dollars, you just have them make a song once and record it onto beat making music production software for consistent playing.

All in all, it saves the record companies thousands in studio time and hiring the right people to get the job done. All it takes now is the best producer who is not only creative but has been in the business for several years.

This all sounds amazing providing several benefits, but let’s take a closer look at how these machines are influencing music today.

Beat Making Software Provides Tons Of Tones

First, the best beat machines provide a source of more sounds and tones that allow artist to elevate their creativity and create something unique and different.

Music making software provides a quick and on demand method to sample tracks and make changes if required in a matter of minutes which otherwise would have taken days or even months.

DJ mixing music with a beat makerBeat Maker Software Is More Cost Effective For New Artists

The beat makers are very affordable which can save record companies millions of dollars each year because hiring a team to produce sounds a music can cost a lot of money depending on the experience of the artist.

Record companies then can use the money saved to market the artist which is a win-win situation for everyone because if the artist makes money, than the record company makes money!

You Create The Beats and Keep The Copyrights

Another way that hip hop beat makers are influencing pop music is that they are allowing many record companies to hold the rights to the sound created or produced.

If a sound was created by a professional he owns the rights to the song which means that every time the sound sample was used the record company would have to pay a royalty to the producer.

With the record companies holding on to the rights of the sound sample, it means that the beat can be used several times without any law suits and further headaches.

Job Replaced By A Virtual Beat Maker?

With benefits comes the negatives which is that many people in the record business like the producers, directors and even artists are getting devalued and don’t hold the type of prestige that they once did.

For example, music production software is replacing jobs just like robots replace people within factories. The work once performed by people is now being replaced with machines so people who held a high position are bumped lower down.

At one point you needed a professional within the studio with you, however, these days beat maker software can get the job done within the luxury of your own home. There are several millions of dollars saved but much more then that you have many people without jobs within the record business.

The Best Beat Making Software Saves And Makes You A Lot Of Money

Software companies are making a killing too by getting into the music business by creating beat software for online use.

This was something that people couldn’t even dream about several years ago and now these same software companies are making millions each year again replacing jobs of those that once created the music that software now creates.

What’s revolutionary in music today is you don’t need a fancy studio or thousands of dollars to get your start, you can get started on making killer beats with an investment of just a few bucks.

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